Woman uses children to steal in a shopping mall

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A video of a woman using children to steal a handbag in mall has gone viral online.

A child, accompanied by her mother and two siblings, is caught stealing a customer’s bag at a mall in Paarl, Western Cape.

The woman and her children are seen wandering around outside Steers at the Paarl mall.

They then go towards the entrance of the mall and stand there for a couple seconds, before going back outside.

After standing and looking in the direction of the victim, the woman and the youngest of the children, a boy, approach the table.

The mother is seen taking her phone out of her pocket and, while talking on the phone, walks close to the customer’s table with her children in tow.

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The eldest of the children, a girl, is seen kneeling down. She then takes the customer’s bag from under the table.

They all leave the area without being noticed.

Samantha Williams, a manager at Steers said

“A customer came to the counter and told us that her bag had been stolen, but unfortunately we could not do anything about it, so we referred her to the centre’s management,”

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said no other incidents involving the suspects in the footage had been reported.

“A theft case is currently being investigated by the Paarl police,” he said.



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