Two men caught having sex with underage girls were flogged 100 times each

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Two men received 100 lashings each after being caught having sex with underage girls in Indonesia, it is reported.

One reportedly begged officials to stop whipping him after just five lashes – saying he could no longer cope with the pain during the incident.

But the punishment today continued after a doctor deemed him fit enough to bear the other 95 lashes, according to reports.

Meanwhile, the other man with blood leaking through the back of his shirt took the lashings quietly, reports added.

The two men were reportedly arrested earlier this week one for having sex with his underage step-daughter and the other for engaging in relations with an underage neighbour.

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They were also sentenced to five years in prison.
The punishment of giving 100 strokes of cain is given to the most severe crimes on the Indonesian island Sumatra.

And sometimes people gather in public spaces to watch, according to reports.
The age of consent in Indonesia is 18, but people aged 16 are able to get married with permission from their parents.

Men flogged

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