Man marries dead girlfriend at her funeral and vows to stay single forever

A man married his deceased girlfriend at her burial service and vowed to remain single for whatever is left of his life.

Tragic footage shows the grief-stricken boyfriend, 24, performing a marriage ritual in front of dozens of mourners.

Her distraught mother can be seen crying over the body of the young lady as the boy puts red powder in a wedding ritual.
The young woman apparently died after a bus accident in India.

The girl and boy were in a relationship for years and were about to get married when tragedy struck.

The young fellow chose to marry his dead sweetheart in a guarantee to keep her in his life until the end of time.

The video has been widely shared on the social media after being filmed by one of the mourners.

Viewers have expressed their appreciation for the boyfriend’s moving gesture.

A man  said: “This is actual love and not what we see in the movies.”

A Lady commented: “I want such a man in my life who can love me like this.”





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