Fury as cleric records video showing men how to beat women

A prominent Qatari cleric and academic is under fire over a video he posted on YouTube showing how Muslim men should beat or punish their wives according to the Islamic law.

The three-minute long video has Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj explaining and demonstrating how to beat your wife and features a little boy that he uses as an example.

Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj starts the video by saying, “Many people especially people who are married would like to know how to beat one’s wife. Is beating your wife necessary? Must a man beat his wife every day? No. First, we must understand that the man is the leader of the house.”

“The leader of the house must decide to discipline the wife so life can move on,” he continues.

Now, let’s see how Islam teaches how to beat your wife. Let’s imagine that Nayef here… Nayef is obviously a boy, but let’s imagine that he is the wife. How should a husband beat his wife?

“First, he must admonish her – in other words, he should advise her. Then, he should refrain from sharing a bed with her. If all of this doesn’t help, we start the beating as a last resort.

“This is a painless beating that does not leave bruises or cause bleeding. The beating I just gave Nayef is the true gentle beating in Islam,” Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj explains.
The comment section on the YouTube video has, however, been disabled presumably to avoid being attack as the topic is sensitive.


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