Cultist kills his childhood friend, a promising footballer over minor issue

Cultism is driven by an insane loyalty that drives with the insanity of collective spirit; a tribe mentality. The consequence of that indicates when that loyalty is tested by incidents that harm the tribe, it is deemed disrespectful and the tribe has to be protected at all costs.

For a few weeks now, a source has reported the death of Jaypron, the cultist whom bullets were bouncing off like tennis balls of rackets. But alas, not all cultists have the ‘street smartness’ of Jaypron, but the idea of involvement in cultism will always defy logic. This makes the death of a promising footballer, Attah painful.

According to Makawai, Attah was killed by members of the ‘Aro Bargas’ confraternity, recently in Ijegun, Lagos. He was shot in the head twice.

Attah, a reported footballer with immense potential and prospect also belonged to the rival cult group, the ‘Eiye’ confraternity. Sadly, these members of Aro Bargas were said to be Attah’s childhood friends, but they killed him because he angered them.

Even worse, it is reported that they had to track him down to a place where he reportedly begged for his life, while on his knees. Reports claim they never budged and instead killed him.

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