5 Normal Things That Happen In Nigeria But Weird In Other Countries

Nigeria is a very beautiful, interestingly complicated, funny and annoying country. Some things that happen in Nigeria will leave foreigners either gaping for breathe or rolling over with laughter.

1.The ATM Queue

It is only a Nigerian that will be scare to use the ATM to withdraw his/her own hard earned money. The queue that will welcome you will make you run without looking back.

2. Magun (Thunderbolt)

The Yoruba ethnic group use Magun for adulterers and most times the outcome is not palatable as the offender could lose his/her life.

The Magun is placed on a woman without her being aware of it either by her husband or his family. If she commits adultery, her lover could end up losing his life or getting stuck while in the act.

3. Shaving Hair of Widows

Image credit: shaving hair of widows

In some Nigerian cultures, the widow is forced to drink the water used in washing her husband’s corpse.

Family members of the deceased also forcefully shave her hair and make her sleep alongside the corpse. This is done to prove that the widow is not responsible for her husband’s death. It mostly practiced in the Igbo Land.

Note: This culture is gradually going out of practice.

4. Nigerians on a Moving Train

In Nigeria some people would have to sit on top of a moving train and hang in a very dangerous way.

5. The Sharo Festival

The Fulani tribes practise Sharo before getting married. Here the groom is beaten by the older members of the community so as to earn a wife and respect. If the man is not strong enough to bare the pain, the wedding is called off.

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