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Floyd Mayweather shows off lavish lifestyle with stacks of money at his feet

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The American hunter lives a luxuriant lifestyle with the most expensive cars, houses, and watches that are all part of the luxury that “& # 39; Money,” as he is called, flaunts.

In his last Instagram post, the 41-year-old piles of money show at his feet while he is dressed in gold, covered with diamond jewelry when he drinks from a golden cup.

Floyd Mayweather showed off his wealth in his latest Instagram video in which he is dressed in gold

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Stacks of money sit on the wooden floor while Mayweather relaxes by drinking a golden cup

His caption reads: & # 39; Real Royalty. All I have is real, even the cup from which I sip, is real gold and if you do not like it … you are a REAL HATER! That is really a ***. & # 39;

Few know how to make money fast like Mayweather and few know how to show it as the provocative American.

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